2017 Research Idea Conference

Research Idea Conference (25 March 2017)

An interdisciplinary platform for undergraduate researchers to share, receive feedback, and exchange their preliminary research ideas before moving forward in the research process.

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Conference Procedure


Yale-NUS College, 16 College Avenue West

  • Speaker Series: Tan Chin Tuan Lecture Theatre
  • Registration, Poster and Feedback Session: Classroom 15 and 16


What is a Research Idea Conference

A Research Idea Conference is an innovative way of promoting undergraduate research. At the conference, participants present their preliminary research idea, a rough outline of their literature review, a tentative abstract, a potential hypothesis or thesis, and potential methodology. They will receive feedback from professionals in their respective field of research.


Research Idea Conference X Annual Research Paper Conference X Yale-NUS Undergraduate Journal (YNUJ)

Participating Mentors